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Research is an limitless source of news, new perspectives, and in-depth features. Expertsanswer’s network of research communicators provides you as a journalist with a quick link to Swedish researchers and experts who can offer comments, explanations, and new angles on a subject.

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Press releases

A new method for dating ancient earthquakes and rock fracturing

17 January, 2020 - Linnéuniversitetet

Constraining the history of earthquakes produced by bedrock fracturing is important for predicting seismic activity and plate tectonic evolution. In a new study published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, a team of researchers presents a new microscale technique to determine the age of crystals grown during repeated activation of natural rock fractures over a […]

Many older people’s glasses of wrong power

14 January, 2020 - Göteborgs universitet

Overall, Swedish 70-year-olds’ eyesight is good, but many could see even better. Six in ten can improve their vision by getting eyeglasses or changing the power of the glasses they already have, according to a new study from the University of Gothenburg. “We’re really healthy and have good eyesight in Sweden, and being 70 doesn’t […]

Study finds losing a night of sleep may increase blood levels of Alzheimer’s biomarker

8 January, 2020 - Uppsala universitet

A preliminary study by researchers at Uppsala University has found that when young, healthy men were deprived of just one night of sleep, they had higher levels of tau – a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease – in their blood than when they had a full, uninterrupted night of rest. The study is published in the medical journal Neurology.

The Vikings erected a runestone out of fear of a climate catastrophe

8 January, 2020 - Göteborgs universitet

Press release from the University of Gothenburg, University of Uppsala and Stockholm University, 08-01-2020   Several passages on the Rök stone – the world’s most famous Viking Age runic monument – suggest that the inscription is about battles and for over a hundred years, researchers have been trying to connect the inscription with heroic deeds […]

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