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Electrical and chemical coupling between Saturn and its rings – Swedish research results in Science

12 December, 2017 - Institutet för rymdfysik

A Langmuir probe, developed in Sweden and flown to Saturn on the Cassini spacecraft, has made exciting discoveries in the atmosphere of the planet. Jan-Erik Wahlund at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala and his colleagues show that there is a strong coupling, both chemically and electrically, between the atmosphere of Saturn and […]


Mars’ atmosphere well protected from the solar wind

7 December, 2017 - Institutet för rymdfysik

Despite the absence of a global Earth-like magnetic dipole, the Martian atmosphere is well protected from the effects of the solar wind on ion escape from the planet. New research shows this using measurements from the Swedish particle instrument ASPERA-3 on the Mars Express spacecraft. The results have recently been presented in a doctoral thesis by Robin Ramstad, Swedish Institute of Space Physics and Umeå University, Sweden.


The origin of a new species of Darwin’s finches

23 November, 2017 - Uppsala universitet

Darwin’s finches in the Galápagos archipelago provide an iconic model for the evolution of biodiversity on earth due to natural selection. A team of scientists from Princeton University and Uppsala University now reports that they have observed the origin of a new species. A new lineage was formed by the hybridization of two different species of Darwin’s finches.


New book series focuses on Critical Heritage Studies

22 November, 2017 - Göteborgs universitet

The University of Gothenburg furthers its pioneering work in the field of Critical Heritage Studies with a new series published by Cambridge University Press. The series contains about 50 titles and will be available online. Critical Heritage Studies is a new and expanding field of research and teaching, bringing together humanities and social science disciplines […]

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