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Water plumes on Europa: tasting an extraterrestrial ocean

7 December, 2018 - Institutet för rymdfysik

Computer simulations of the plumes of liquid water that stream out of Jupiter’s moon Europa show that the forthcoming space mission JUICE may offer an answer to the question as to whether the Jovian moon’s sub-surface ocean could harbour life. Hans Huybrighs comes to this conclusion in the doctoral thesis he has recently completed in collaboration with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics.


Oldest ever traces of the plague found in Falköping

6 December, 2018 - Göteborgs universitet

In a 5,000 year old grave outside Falköping, scientists have found the oldest traces of the plague bacterium’s DNA in the world. An international research team including archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg made the discovery using advanced DNA techniques. According to the researchers, this discovery may also have identified the first pandemic in history […]


Climate change was not the reason for leaving Libya

27 November, 2018 - Internationellt centrum för lokal demokrati

In April 2015, a boat sank on its way to Libya to Italy. 700 people died that day, many of them from the rural Sub-Saharan. Media refers to this people as climate refugees – the reason for migration was to get away from the impact of climate change. Is it really the reason? To find out, a team of researchers, founded by the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD), led by Prof Jesse Ribot and Dr Papa Faye, went to the region in Senegal were many of the drowned migrants came from. After meeting their families, the researchers get surprised. They were told a completely different story.


White-browed Shortwing is not 1 but 4 species

26 November, 2018 - Uppsala universitet

The White-browed Shortwing has been considered to be a single species. But now the mainland and Taiwan Island populations have been studied by an international team of researchers, led by Uppsala University. They analysed DNA, plumages, structure, songs and geographical distributions, and concluded that the continental and Taiwanese populations are actually three rather than one species.

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