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Deaths halved among infarct patients attending Heart School

16 September, 2019 - Uppsala universitet

​Patients who attend ‘Heart School’, as almost every patient is invited to do after a first heart attack, live longer than non-participating patients. This is shown in a new study, by researchers at Uppsala University, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.


Epilepsy surgery: the earlier the better, overview study shows

12 September, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

A person with drug resistant epilepsy who gets an early surgical intervention has a better chance of becoming seizure free. This is shown in a systematic review and meta-analysis in which Sahlgrenska Academy researchers, in collaboration with the Swedish Council for Assessment of Health Technology and Social Services (SBU), analysed results from a range of […]


Speech impairment and more surgery in five-year-old international adoptees with cleft palate

6 September, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

In a group of internationally adopted children with cleft lip and/or palate, speech at age five is impaired compared to a corresponding group of children born in Sweden, a study shows. The adopted children also need more extensive surgery, which may be due to their surgical interventions taking place later in life. “The study shows […]

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