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Miniaturized version of ribosome found in microsporidia

22 July, 2019 - Umeå universitet

A research team lead by MIMS/SciLifeLab research group leader Jonas Barandun, Umeå University, Sweden, uses cryo-electron microscopy to provide near atomic details of the smallest known eukaryotic cytoplasmic protein synthesis machine, the microsporidian ribosome.


How bacteria translate proteins from structurally blocked mRNAs – using standby

15 July, 2019 - Uppsala universitet

Bacterial ribosomes need a single-stranded ribosome binding site (RBS) to initiate protein synthesis, whereas stable RNA structure blocks initiation. Paradoxically, structured mRNAs can nevertheless be efficiently translated. Researchers at Uppsala University have now elucidated the anatomy of a “standby” site and its requirements, to overcome RNA structure problems for translation.


Game app provides knowledge of person-centred care

27 June, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

Click, swipe, listen to patients and follow the talk among the healthcare staff. Now, another step in the work towards a more person-centred care is being taken as the PCC Game app is being launched. A virtual journey for greater knowledge and with tricky questions along the way. The game app was developed on behalf […]


Lifelong ill-health after exposure to chemical weapons

25 June, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

People exposed to chemical warfare agents (CWAs) often incur chronic damage to their lungs, skin and eyes, for example. They also frequently succumb to depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. This is shown by research on survivors from the 1988 gas attacks against Kurdish Halabja in Iraq. “The findings show that exposure to chemical warfare agents, […]

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