Press releases



A world ruled by fungi

5 March, 2004 - Lunds universitet

The catastrophe that extinguished the dinosaurs and other animal species, 65 million years ago also brought dramatic changes to the vegetation. In a study presented in latest issue of the journal Science, the paleontologists Vivi Vajda from the University of Lund, Sweden and Stephen McLoughlin from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia have described what happened to the vegetation month by month. They depict a world in darkness where the fungi had taken over.


Four-legged ancestor of land animals found in Europe

29 January, 2004 - Uppsala universitet

In the 19th century a fossil was uncovered in Belgium that was believed to be the jaw of a fish.´Now a team of scientists have shown that it is in fact a fossil from an ancestor of all present-day land animals. It is the first discovery of a so-called tetrapod from the Devonian Period in continental Europe, which may trigger an interest in re-examining objects in museums.