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Stiffening arteries in teenagers with persistent obesity

28 May, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

Children and adolescents with long-term obesity have increased arterial stiffness by their late teens, a study of more than 3,000 children followed from age 9 to 17 shows. These results, in the researchers’ view, call for more initiatives to reduce teenage obesity. “The teens are a key period for measures to tackle obesity, since doing […]


Threatened beetles benefit from forest thinning

27 May, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

Wood-living beetles that use oak trees are a species-rich and threatened animal group in modern forestry and agriculture in southern Sweden. New research from the University of Gothenburg shows that management with conservation thinning can be an effective way to promote these beetles in the long term.


Thirty years after anorexia onset, fewer ill than healthy

27 May, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

A study that started in 1985 followed some 50 people who had become anorexic in their teens. It shows that 30 years later, the majority were healthy but some had persistent eating disorders. The study, published in The British Journal of Psychiatry, was carried out at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. To lose weight, people […]


Young athletes may need one-year break after knee surgery

23 May, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

­After surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, young athletes are now recommended to undergo at least a year’s rehab and thorough testing before resuming knee-strenuous sport. Research shows that those who return to sport relatively soon after surgery incur a highly elevated risk of a second ACL injury. “What’s absolutely essential is to let […]


Difficulties with Reading and narration in children with autism

21 May, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

Children with autism may be good at reading a text one word at a time, but simultaneously have problems in understanding and retelling the content of what they read. Research now shows the importance, for these children, of extensive language assessment and follow-up over time. “It’s usually a deviant language development that parents worry about […]


New app will help children with speech impairment

20 May, 2019 - Linnéuniversitetet

Technological development opens up for new possibilities for creating aids for people with disabilities. A new project at Linnaeus University will develop an app that will make it easier for children with speech impairment to communicate independently. Thousands of children in Sweden partly or wholly lack a spoken language. This is the case for, for […]


Owning a dog is influenced by our genetic make-up

17 May, 2019 - Uppsala universitet

A team of Swedish and British scientists have studied the heritability of dog ownership using information from 35,035 twin pairs from the Swedish Twin Registry. The results indicate that an individual’s genetic make-up has a great influence on whether they choose to acquire a dog. Genes appear to account for more than half of the difference in dog ownership.


Inhibition of ribosome biogenesis as a novel approach for multi-stage cancer treatment

8 May, 2019 - Uppsala universitet

Nearly ninety per cent of all cancer patient deaths are due to metastasis. A study from Uppsala University shows that a process that allows the cells to metastasise is aided by the synthesis of new ribosomes, the cell components in which proteins are produced. The results open the possibility for new treatment strategies for advanced cancers. The study is published in Nature Communications.