Many children live with parents who have a serious physical or mental illness, thousands of children lose a parent every year. There is a gap of knowledge when it comes to children as next of kin, especially related to early interventions on basic level for all children. During the pre-study, the researchers will develop routines, methods, and referral systems, and provide education prior to the research program “See Me – Talk to Me!”

The multidisciplinary research program, for which the research team will apply for money in 2014, concerns early intervention and help to those children who need support. The first phase (“See Me”), will be to identify the children whose parents are physically ill or unexpectedly die. The second phase (“Talk to Me”), will provide and evaluate the caring, information and support offered to the children. The third phase in the research program includes the assessment of which children need more support.

Responsible for the project is Karin Enskär, Professor of Nursing Science at Jönköping University. Other researchers are: Marie Golsäter, Lecturer, Jönköping County Council and the Jönköping University, Susanne Knutsson, Senior Lecturer, University of Borås, Mats Granlund, Professor of Disability Research and Psychology at Jönköping University, and Boel Andersson-Gäre, Professor, Jönköping County Council and Jönköping University.

Karin Enskär
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